Friday, 1 July 2011

The journey is well underway

I've been drinking beer for a number of years, well ever since I could hold a glass really.  Some of it bad, some of it good, some of it amazing.  I never really understood it and appreciated it though.

I've always preferred 'Real' Ale, than that fizzy watery stuff they try and pass off in pubs as lager, and recently my exploration has grown.

I have in the past bought nearly all the different beers they sell in the supermarkets, and been to beer festivals, but only recently have I started actually brewing the stuff.  I now have a whole new level of appreciation for beer, I understand about what hops and grains do to beer, I enjoy drinking beer more now trying to work out whats been used to give the distictive flavours.  Guessing the hops is always a challenge.

Through and the 52wbc I have discovered many varied beers that I would have otherwise not encountered, and through The Home Brew Forum and Jims Beer Kit, I have learnt how to produce excellent beer at home.

I will be using this blog to post some reviews of some commercial beers I have tried and I'll be blogging about my adventures in Home Brew.
My beer journey is progressing, and I'm enjoying it.

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